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Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 6 ~ Panade "Weekly Yum"

I was lucky that Aimee turned me on to this spot - Panade in the Lower East Side located at 129 Eldridge Street between Broome and Delancey. I told Aimee I am really not a cream puff person - but really! These puffs came straight down from heaven. Aimee had the passion fruit and, well I had the black sesame puff
(one of my all time favorite flavors).
 Heavenly light, and tasty - yes oh so tasty!
Thanks Aimee!

photo credit: Aimee Becker

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 5 ~ Sunday Hop of the Week - Dogs at Sears Peyton Gallery

I have know Kathryn for a while now since our kids are in the same class and remember picking up my daughter once from a play date many years back. Seeing Kathryn's dreamy paintings on her walls, I was instantly taken by her art. "Dogs" is her newest series of paintings - and they are just like dogs - lovable and beautiful.

The show is up now till June 23rd, 2012 at
Sears Peyton Gallery...

here are some other links to see Kathyrn's work:

Kathryn Lynch Paintings

Catalog of the Dog Paintings at Sears Peyton Gallery

and a slideshow of shots from the opening at Sears Peyton Gallery
on April 27, 2012:

Day 4 ~ Bushwick Art

in Bushwick today ... and came upon some art in the streets

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 365 ~ me

So ... here it is - the end of the first 365 days of Olya's world.

What started as an homage to the creativity of the two people that really epitomized creativity for me (my dad and my sister), I find that the process has brought me full circle - back to me.

A question I had at the beginning of this process was - will I be able to fill a void that was becoming bigger and bigger? Yes, the hole is closing somewhat...
but I have learned it will never be whole.

As I give you the last picture of this first year,
I am in the shower -truly myself, in transit, moving
towards the next year of journeys yet to be discovered.

I have decided to put some parameters around my daily journal practice. I will post only "one" photo per day. An editing task ,as some of my friends know, is a difficult one for me.

And, then some new features:
  • Photog of the Month which will be the first Saturday of the month. Through Olya's Urban Journal- I have met some truly amazing photographers. My network has grown to include a band of renegade NYC urban explorers to international photographers who love rust (Pia) and trees (Tepi) as much I do, to groups on Facebook that inspire me on a daily basis! The first" Photog of the Month" will be my friend and mentor Brian Dorfmann - I have know him since I was 14. Stay tuned - you may be next.
  • Food or Drink of the Week - which will be head, by none other than, Aimee Becker - a new friend, although a friend it seems that I have known forever. Her enthusiasm for photography  - food/drink rivals no other, kind of like my own love for these things. Look for this to happen on Mondays of each week.
  • Gallery or Museum of the Week - that I have visited that week.  I love gallery hopping and checking out the museums of NYC and if I can - I will provide photographs. Look for this every Sunday.

As always, comments are welcome - thank you everyone for your support and love!
My year has been filled with pure joy because of you .... 

with love, olya