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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 165 ~ Hurricane Sandy's Confetti

Day 164 ~ Hurricane Sandy's Entrance to Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island, East River

Day 163 ~ Geese on the Move

Roosevelt Island, NYC

Day 162 ~ Rusty Red

Southpoint, Roosevelt Island

Day 161 ~ No Way In...

Renwick Ruin, Roosevelt Island

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Photog of the Month ~ Tepi Neejärvi

I met Tepi within a few Facebook photography groups last year. Her photographs explore the Finnish landscape and last winter, I was mesmerized by her snow shots. She had a wonderful series of photos which depicted a koala bear in all sorts of fun situations within the snowy landscape, that caught my eye and haven't stopped thinking about (see below). New York City had basically a snowless winter and when it comes down to it - I love snow and missed it way too much. Tepi's photographs filled that void for me!

In Tepi's words - "I've always loved to take pictures, but when I had my two kids (almost adults now), I took more, of course. I don't know how it all began, maybe after film cameras, digital shooting became more fun. The results were seen right away. Since then, I just can't stop shooting. My inspirations are mainly nature itself, with all the changes of each season."

Tepi's photographs are subtle, beautiful, emotive photographs which I never seem to get enough of. 

It's time for a website Tepi !!!

Here is just a taste of Tepi's work - enjoy ...

© Tepi Neejarvi

© Tepi Neejarvi

© Tepi Neejarvi
© Tepi Neejärvi

© Tepi Neejärvi

© Tepi Neejärvi

The Koala Bear Series

© Tepi Neejärvi

© Tepi Neejärvi

© Tepi Neejärvi

© Tepi Neejärvi

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 141 ~ Yearning

yearning for you
but the line, transparent yet strong
 keeps us within our own orbs