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Sunday, November 24, 2013

28/52 ~ zooming along with my sadness

Returning home from my friend's funeral, the tears were streaming down, short shallow breaths-
 almost hyperventilating - not caring if anyone heard me.
As the scenery passed by my window, the afternoon autumn sun shining on me
and the towns of Long Island,
I remember the simple, beautiful pleasures of the time we have on this earth.
The things Dean taught me...
the pleasure of him telling me about the flowers in his garden, the smiles he shared with me, the stories about his wonderful family, the good times we enjoyed...
All streaming in as the sun warmed my soul, the clouds passing , the sky the bluest ever,
and the gift that Dean was
and will always be in my heart... 

Life is short - reconnect with those people that are the special ones <3

Friday, November 8, 2013

26/52 ~ the storefront window

I was on jury duty at the end of this week and I noticed a few storefronts that were papered, glued, stickered, closed up. As I walked to a gallery opening (next blog piece) on Centre Street, this storefront wowed me. Lots of texture, color, translucence and dreaminess....


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

25/52 ~ Playing with East River Water

My friend, who hails from Atlanta, who is quite NYC savvy, asked me to spend a day with him doing something he hasn't done yet. So, I decided, as one of my most favorite things to do in this city, to take a ride on the East River Ferry was in order. As, my friend Sammy, was creating his shots on the Manhattan side of the ferry, I moved to the Brooklyn side (yeah as some who know me - I was looking for grunge!). As the ferry was docking, the ripples and currents turned me sooooo on!


24/52 ~ We came as dreamers ...

I haven't taken these urban abstract shots in a while. And, wow! I had fun! 

These are from Water Street, DUMBO.