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Sunday, November 24, 2013

28/52 ~ zooming along with my sadness

Returning home from my friend's funeral, the tears were streaming down, short shallow breaths-
 almost hyperventilating - not caring if anyone heard me.
As the scenery passed by my window, the afternoon autumn sun shining on me
and the towns of Long Island,
I remember the simple, beautiful pleasures of the time we have on this earth.
The things Dean taught me...
the pleasure of him telling me about the flowers in his garden, the smiles he shared with me, the stories about his wonderful family, the good times we enjoyed...
All streaming in as the sun warmed my soul, the clouds passing , the sky the bluest ever,
and the gift that Dean was
and will always be in my heart... 

Life is short - reconnect with those people that are the special ones <3


  1. Sorry for your loss. Love the pictures.

  2. What these photos mean to me, knowing the conditions under which they were taken, is that you have an amazing ability to think on multiple levels. Even through your emotional highs and lows, your creativity rises even higher. We see what you saw: magical light, depth, layers and objects disfigured.

    1. Thanks Jo Ann! That means so much to me ...