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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 83 ~ Gertrude

We had some fun today with Gertrude, aka Gerty.
She is beautiful, cute, and loves to eat when we do.
A lovely tweeting voice fills our house.
We have her for 2 weeks!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 65 ~ Sunday Hop of the Week ~ Shepard Fairey and Richard Avedon

Great day on Tuesday! My friend, Lisa has a knack for catching the last day of many shows in NYC. Lisa did a great job making sure we would be able to make this show! We were lucky to see Shepard Fairey's show - "Harmony and Discord" at Pace Prints on the second to last day. Even though you may think you don't know Shepard Fairey - you do. While he was completing his BFA at RISD, he created the Andre the Giant Posse sticker which was a street art phenomenon. According to Pace Prints, "His work has evolved into an acclaimed body of art which includes the 2008 "Hope" portrait of Barack Obama which can be found in the Smithonian's National Portrait gallery."

Cutting it close - so thanks Lisa for remembering!

The show is now closed, but here at some shots that will
give you an idea of how great it was! 

video from Pace Prints


And, then we headed to Richard Avedon, at Gargosian Gallery.
 A cavernous space with immense mural portraits-
all I can say is - go see it!
The show has been extended until July 27, 2012...
go see it before the last day!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 63 ~ Sunday Hop of the Week ~ CrestFest and PhotoVille

Busy Saturday - with two events, dragging my friend Aimee to accompany me. I have been looking forward to these events for a while.

Crest Fest, a hardware inspired art show,where one feels like a treasure hunter going up and down the aisles of the Crest Hardware store, pleasantly surprised at every turn by art hidden in between hardware products. Proceeds from the event benefit the City Reliquary Museum.

Crest Fest, Brooklyn NY
Enjoy some of my favorites of the day ....

Photoville, described as a large scale Photographic village built from shipping containers is right up my alley. Getting off the East River Ferry, we walked the new park starting in DUMBO and ending up underneath the Brooklyn Heights promenade. Along the route, we were impressed by the views and The Fence - amazing photos displayed in a new, novel way.
Meandering in and out of the containers was so fun even though the heat was almost unbearable. The highlight of my day was meeting one of my most favorite, inspiring photographers -  Russell Frederick!

The Fence, Photoville 
Take a look a some of my favorites...

Day 62 ~ Lost Her

Williamsburg, Brooklyn