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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 211 ~ Guastavino Tiles at Kiosk

iphone photo

Roosevelt Island Historical Society Kiosk at the Tramway
Roosevelt Island, NYC

here is some info on these famous tiles

Day 210 ~ Clouds Overhead

Lexington Avenue and 61st Street, NYC

Day 209 ~ Candy

Coach Scot's Main Street Sweets, Roosevelt Island

Day 208 ~ Subway Blurs

63rd an Lexington F Station Escalator

Day 207 ~ Walking into the Sunset

Roosevelt Island, NYC

Day 206 ~ Love Found Underground

63rd and Lexington F Station

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 205 ~ Dirty Water Dogs for Dinner

63rd and Lexington Avenue, NYC

Day 204 ~ Macchiato Love on Waverly

Joe's on Waverly Place, West Village

Day 203 ~ Minimalism in DUMBO

DUMBO Brooklyn

Day 202 ~ Tea Warehouse Windows

Tea Warehouse, DUMBO Brooklyn

Day 201 ~ Foggy View from DUMBO

from DUMBO, Brooklyn 

Day 200 ~ Sparce

Roosevelt Island, NYC

Day 199 ~ Token Reflections

Roosevelt Island Subway Station Art, NYC

Day 198 ~ Pink Door Forest Cracks

Roosevelt Island, NYC

Day 197 ~ Rainy Night in the City

63rd and Lexington, NYC

Day 196 ~ Moon through the Subway Grunge

D train, NYC

Day 195 ~ Moving Through Stations

D Train

Day 194 ~ D Train at Sunset

Heading out to Bay Ridge on the D Train, NYC

Day 193 ~ Young Lovers on the F Train

F Train, NYC

Day 192 ~ Sidewalk Art

Sheridan Square, NYC

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Photog of the Month ~ Jim McKinniss

I met Jim on a few photography groups on Facebook and was immediately struck by Jim's exploratory vision. He posted a few nude self portraits that created a big stir among other group members and I immediately sent him a message of support. I loved the fact that he created an image that sparked a heated discussion about the validity of nude males vs. nude females. Jim's soulful, artful eye has continually pushed me to explore my own photography. And to that, I am hugely grateful.

When I asked Jim to tell me a bit about himself, he commented, "I don't know what to say about myself except that I'm a retired mathematician and software consultant. I've got almost no formal training in photography except for a few classes on the basics of photography and photoshop.

Neither my father or grandfather gave me a camera when I was a boy. (grin) I didn't take up photography seriously until about 7 years ago.

For me photography is an adventure of discovery and I'm continually experimenting with techniques and ideas most of which are not very successful."

Not sure about the successful part, Jim! As you told me in the past, "Art doesn't have to be loved by everyone." Evoking a reaction, positive or negative, becomes a success!

Self Portraits

© Jim McKinniss

© Jim McKinniss

© Jim McKinniss

Horse Impressions Series
© Jim McKinniss

© Jim McKinniss

© Jim McKinniss

© Jim McKinniss

LA Streets - Early Morning Homeless Series
© Jim McKinniss

© Jim McKinniss

© Jim McKinniss

© Jim McKinniss

© Jim McKinniss

See more of Jim McKinniss's work here:

Thank you Jim!