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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 138 ~ Photog of the Month ~ Pamela Maret

I met Pam virtually through one of my favorite groups on Facebook - Show Me Your NYC. Her images have always reminded me of what I love about NYC. They have a NYC 70's vibe to them, which I love!

Then I met her for real on a photo walk on the High Line and her smile was awfully contagious! She told me that when her youngest daughter left for college in 2010, she sold her empty nest and everything in it . She moved from the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina to New York City.

"I didn't know anyone here, had never ridden a subway or a city bus, and hadn't even visited the city in over 20 years. I showed up with my clothes and my shoes and figured it out. It has been a fascinating experience for me, and photography has proven to be an excellent way to share my fascination and love of this amazing city and the diverse people living here."

And, in honor of buying my first iphone, I wanted to feature a photographer who uses her iphone to create such beautiful, emotive photographs with her iphone. I can only aspire to create images half as good with mine. Pam says, "It's way easier to grab people shots with, rather than my big ol canon!"

waiting © Pamela Maret

copper © Pamela Maret

birdman © Pamela Maret

shelter © Pamela Maret

47 % © Pamela Maret
shaft © Pamela Maret

You can find Pamela at

Give her a LIKE on her new business venture - Talent Bistro

Monday, September 24, 2012

133 ~ I have been locked up way too long

"Save me from this prison
Lord help me get away
Cause only you can save me now
From this misery
Cause I've been lost in my own place
And I'm getting' weary
How far is heaven
And I know I need to change
My ways of livin'
How far is heaven, Lord can you tell me"

Los Lonely Boys

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 129 ~ Cloudilicious

from Roosevelt Island

Looking up, clouds form and reform. They resemble-an embryo
a departed friend resting horizontal.
Or a great arm, compassionate as a spring,
that is so ordained might reach and take up that linen sack
and all gathered within, if only the soul of an idea-
the color of water, the weight of a hill"

Patti Smith
from Woolgathering