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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Self Portrait

As a kid, I understood that both my father and sister possessed the “artistic touch”. For them, a creative project was rendered with an ease and facility I could only fantasize about. I was more comfortable watching, listening, blending into the background to absorb the world around me. Although I enjoyed taking family pictures of our adventures and travels, I preferred to be behind the lens rather than in front of the lens. This is still the case, but through photography this past year, I have ventured into a soul searching self-realization journey.

Recently, my eye is drawn to nature within the urban environment and the humanistic details they provide. The anthropomorphic qualities in nature within/and in conjunction with my urban environment reveal themselves as feelings of sadness, elation and desire.

On the eve of the anniversary of my sister’s death, I launch this blog to continue an artistic dialogue in the hopes of partially filling the void I feel within each and every day without my father and sister by my side.

365 days of pictures - join me. Comments are welcome...

"in front" of the lens