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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 365 ~ Year Two ... Doll Series

It's been fifteen years today since my sister, Lelya left this world and I imagine, passed through to another world of miracles, light and beauty. As I experience this day, I have quieted my mind to let memories flood in. Our childhood was filled with loveliness, beauty, the unending love from our parents and also, on occasion the excitement of picking out dolls. Chatty Cathy was my doll as a toddler and Chrissy was my last doll as a child.
I remember, in detail,  Lelya picking her dolls at Fao Schwartz.
She named Pumkin when we all sat together for lunch.
What a cute doll! a Pumkin! 

As I finish the second year of my journey through Olya's Urban Journal, my photography has evolved, life has continued in a quickened pace and my heart still aches for my sister and my dad. 
These dolls have lost some legs, experienced some wear and tear but, still have the essence of the owners that played with them. The essence of my sister and father have stayed within me, as well.

So, thanks for joining me in this convoluted photographic ride.
Your support and comments keep me going, and in the process I have met some pretty extraordinary people!  I have decided to post a series of photos every Sunday rather than posting everyday
(which has become increasingly hard).

So please stick with me, please keep inspiring me and
please give me a hug the next time you see me! 

 Chatty Cathy, Pumkin, Alice in Wonderland, Chrissy

 Telling Secrets

 Chrissy listening to all of Alice's stories

 Lelya's Doll - Pumkin

  Pumkin's pout

 Chatty Cathy thinking about the old days 

Pumkin waving bye ... until next time 


  1. Olya, what a lovely tribute to lelya. I think of her often and just recently especially. 15 years, wow. Sorry to hear about your dad.

    I'd love to touch base and catch up with you. Call 3476783526 or email if you'd like.

    I love that you've kept this photodiary, aside from the tribute to lelya, it warms me to see that your creativity is still thriving.

    Happy mothers day....

    Robin Glassman