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Saturday, September 14, 2013

16/52 ~ The Last Bit of Summer at Riis Park Beach

My friend, Lisa invited me to join her at Riis Park Beach last week- and I said yes without any hesitation. My summer was busy this year due to work, trying to figure out my pain situation and teaching a few classes to grade school kids. So I did not go to the beach all summer - a beach visit for a week, a weekend or a day has always been a necessary restorative activity for me since I was a kid, Crazy that it didn't happen until Lisa asked me! And, yes - restorative ocean waters, gorgeous sun rays on my face and body, and those never ending waves are still within me.
Thanks Lisa! xoxo 

and, as the sun was coming down - the sweatshirt went on -
autumn right around the corner...
my kind of weather!

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