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Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 38 ~ Sunday Hop of the Week ~ jimjoe at The Hole

If you live in the city and frequent the Lower East Side, you have seen the ubiquitous jimjoe tag. Often humorous, it is always fun to find jimjoe throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Aimee, a true jimjoe treasure seeker, invited me to the jimjoe opening at The Hole Gallery. The exhibition presented by the New York Art Department runs “for one evening and two days only during irregular gallery hours.” The press release for the exhibition states, “The culmination of five years of experience of writing on trash and other people’s property, the show consists of paintings, drawings and trash sculptures made over the course of three weeks and represents an attempt by the artist to transition ideas, emotions and intentions used in the street to a fine art gallery setting.” The vast space and a couple of celebrity sightings created a perfect setting for jimjoe's art!