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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 37 ~ Photog of the Month ~ Jana Lily Kleisnerova

Jana is one of many incredible photographers I met on Facebook this past year. Jana's photographs evoke so many feelings for me - the quiet beauty of the forest, a secret revealed in a doorway, a moment of tenderness caught in an instant.

Jana is from the Czech Republic and now lives in Germany. Her father taught her, at an early age, all about photography, what Jana calls "classical photography". As a child, she remembers working in the darkroom with her father in her home's bathroom, recalling the clothespins used to hang the photographs to dry.

Jana says that shooting is her therapy. I understand that completely.
When asked to describe her photography in one word.

She answered ~ whisper ....

 See the world through Jana's eyes.

Jana Lily Kleisnerova

see more of Jana's work here:


  1. See is the true art.

    1. Yes! I agree - to see is the true art! And Jana really sees!