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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 140 ~ World Trade Center

I remember watching the World Trade Center crashing and crumbling to the ground from my 12th floor terrace that overlooked the whole city. The plume of smoke could be seen from as far back as Roosevelt Island. I fell to my knees and started to cry because I knew the extent of just how many people worked in those buildings, as I also worked at WTC at certain points of my career. The eerie quiet that ensued the days after were surreal. No hum from the FDR traffic that we are all used to here, on Roosevelt Island was frightening. Jets overhead were the only sounds heard. The silence was humbling and deafening at the same time...

World Trade Center, shot from the Millennium Hotel 
probably in 1989 with "film"


  1. wow Olya...beautiful shot...a day we shared together with Leyla and Andrew in your apartment...the fear was overwhelming...remember looking at the towers billowing with smoke, then they were gone, I think I remember the sound of them falling....

  2. yes - Gina - will never forget that day - and will always remember us all together ... watching and crying.