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Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 13 ~ "Weekly Yum" at Essex

Essex Restaurant (120 Essex Street) is located at the end corner of Essex Market in LES, which in itself a food lover's paradise.

I have been at Essex with Aimee for the oysters ($1 each!). But, haven't tried the ceviche yet -but here is Aimee's description:

The lemon - limey sourness is well balanced by the ripe, juicy manjo. The fish is so tender and the cilantro gives the ceviche a vibrant and zesty kick that wakes up your senses! It's served with hand made chips - warm and crispy.

A great deal for $8.00.... Next time Aimee - we're getting the oysters and the ceviche!


photo credit: Aimee Becker

 Essex Restaurant
photo credit: Aimee Becker

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