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Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 19 ~ Hop of the Week ... Whitney Biennial and Radiator Arts

Went to the Whitney Biennial - this year, it seemed there were less pieces, which gave me a feeling of openness -   I always feel claustrophobic at the Whitney. 
But this time I didn't.  
Last day is May 27, 2012...

And also last week, I went to the Radiator Arts Gallery's opening in LIC "Don't Worry What Happens Happens Mostly Without You". Performance artist, Marni Kotak, who recently gave birth to Baby Ajax as a live performance piece at Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn, was at the end of the gallery sitting in a wheelchair stamped with digital codes that you could scan with your phone to link to a story. Great!
And, it was great to see Marni and her family!

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